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Vintage Synthesizer parts :

The part to sell here is a CEM3372, a integrated circuit for FILTER/MIX/VCA used in some vintage analog synths : Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim Matrix 12, Rhodes Chroma Polaris, Sequential circuits Prophet 600, Sequential circuits T-8, Akai AX-80...

If original CEM3372 are out of stock, we provide the AS3372-HYB, they are electronically remake of the CEM3372 chip, these AS3372-HYB are pin to pin replacement for the CEM3372 in vintage synths. But be careful as the AS-3372-hyb can sounds slightly different in some vintage synth:
-in Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 RESONANCE is higher and VOLUME is higher compared to original CEM3372, you will need to add some external components to make them sounds the same or you can simply replace all the CEM3372 by AS3372-hyb, in order all voices sound the same.
-In a Oberheim XPANDER and a Oberheim MATRIX 12 they sounds almost the same and can be used as CEM3372 replacements but sometimes failed to pass the CUTOFF AUTOTUNE routine. If you want all the voices to sound exactly the same, you can replace all the CEM3372 by AS-3372-Hyb.

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2024-12-31 29.0029.00 EUR
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Excellent 5/5  -  Brice
Super ! Livraison rapide et très soignée de deux oscillateurs CEM 3372 flambant neufs qui ont ressuscité un vieil Akai AX80.
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