Classic CMOS and TTL chip

Classic CMOS and TTL chip
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Classic CMOS and TTL chip
Reference : 311180
The part for sale here is one classic CMOS chip or one classic TTL chip. We call them "classic" because they are used in many Vintage Synthesizers designs. The available integrated circuits are:
Circuit Type 4007 ------(CD4007, HCF4007, HEF4007, MC14007...)
Circuit Type 4011 ------(CD4011, HEF4011, HCF4011, MC14011...)
Circuit Type 4016 ------(74HC4016, CD4016, HCF4016, HEF4016,TC4016... )
Circuit Type 4046 ------(CD4046, 74HC4046, MC14046, HCF4046...)
Circuit Type 4051 ------(CD4051, 74HC4051, HCF4051...)
Circuit Type 4052 ------(HEF4052, CD4052, 74HC4052, MC14052, MC4052...)
Circuit Type 4053 ------(HEF4053, CD4053, MC14053, 74HC4053...
Circuit Type 4066 ------ (HCF4066, CD4066, 74HC4066...)
Circuit Type 4069 ------ (CD4069, HEF4069, TC4069, HCF4069...)
Circuit Type 40174 ------ (CD40174, 74LS174, HCF40174, HEF40174)

Condition: New
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