Ensoniq Fizmo

Ensoniq Fizmo
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Ensoniq Fizmo
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Ensoniq Fizmo For Sale:

The Ensoniq Fizmo is a digital synthesizer manufactured in the USA in 1998. The synthesis used to produce the "oscillators" sound is of the TRANSWAVE type, a Ensoniq specialty. Each sound can be made up of four stackable layers, each layer being made up of two oscillators, one effect and one reverb. Each Oscillator can be made up of one of the 58 TRANSWAVEs offered. The FIZMO can play up to 48 sound layers simultaneously. Each layer can have its own LFO, filter, arpeggiator pattern, envelope settings... In each layer the Oscillators, filter, envellope, effects parts, can be modulated by different types of LFOs at different speeds and differents levels... You can therefore create very complex sounds. In terms of playing expressiveness, you can connect two control pedals, The keyboard is Velocity sensitive (modulation of a parameter according to the force exerted when pressing a key) and to pressure (modulation of a parameter according to the pressure exerted on the key after it is pressed). All real-time control movements can be recorded on an external sequencer.
The Fizmo ARPEGGIATOR is very powerful offering a variety of editable presets (117 ARPEGGIATOR presets!).
The sound of the ensoniq FIZMO is thick, the Fizmo being particularly comfortable to create evolving pads and special effects, it is able to mix and modulate synthetic textures with natural textures in a single sound. This is perfect for movies, video games and Tv show soundtrack design. It should also be noted that you can also create classic analog type sounds like big bass and great BRASS. But beware, the Ensoniq Fizmo is a complex beast reserved for professional sound designers and musicians who will take sufficient time to study the owner's manual instructions and experiment with the different functions to understand the complexity of the machine. But once the "philosophy" of Fizmo is understood, the Ensoniq Fizmo turns out to be one of those famous "secret weapons" with a unique sound capable of forging your sonic identity.

The Ensoniq Fizmo for sale is in good cosmetic order (check pictures, they are from the actual Fizmo for sale). This Ensoniq Fizmo has been state of the art fully serviced and restored in our workshop, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.
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