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THE KORG X-911 is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Japan in 1981. The 911 is as an analog synthesizer for guitar, meaning that you plug the guitar into the jack input of the 911, you play on the guitar and the korg 911 following notes played on guitar! But nothing prevents you to connect another instrument than a guitar, a microphone, another synthesizer ... Where sounds can be identified as notes by the Korg 911. In the final the korg 911 is an analog synthesizer witch can be controlled by any other amplified instruments.The Korg 911 is divided into two parts:
-The INSTRUMENTS part consist of modifiable presets on a single parameter called TONE , but in fact acts as a CUT OFF; Except for VIOLIN preset, where parameter is the ATTACK.
-The second part of the Korg 911, called SYNTHE, is composed of three waveforms, you can set Attack and Decay for each. The SYNTHE part also has a VCF filter with adjustable deep.
For all the Korg 911 sounds, you can adjust the octave, PORTAMENTO ... The KORG 911 also has CV/TRIG inputs and outputs.
The sound of the Korg 911 is similar to the Korg MS10 and M500, so PHATT and WARM sound. In the final the KORG 911 is an analog machine that offers numerous opportunities to who will take the time to tame the beast!

For the cosmetic order, this korg X911 has got some scruffs and some black paint mark (have a look to the pictures).
At the technical level this Korg 911 is in perfect working order ! (fully serviced)

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