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The KORG 55 is an analog drum machine manufactured in Japan in 1980. It has six independent volume settings, one for BASS DRUM, one for SNARE DRUM, one for CYMBAL, one for HiHat, one for TOMTOM CONGA and one for RIM SHOT COWBELL CLAVES. There are 48 preset drum, a setting of Swing, a setting of TEMPO, a START / STOP and INTRO / FILL IN. In terms of connectivity the KORG 55 has two audio output a LOW and HIGH, a TRIG OUT output to trigger other analog instruments, for example to TRIG a KORG SQ10 sequence or a Korg MS20 vco ... It's up to you to imagine the possibilities! There are two inputs for connecting control pedals: an START / STOP input and a INTRO / FILL IN input.
The sound of the Korg 55 is very endearing, and really very typical analog 70s and early 80s, the KORG 55 has also been used by Jean Michel Jarre on several of his albums. Other big names as Depeche Mode have used the KORG 55.
The KORG 55 sell here is in good cosmetic (just a few scratches and yellowed by the passage of time), and this KORG 55 works perfectly! (Fully revised)

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