Korg Delta

Korg Delta
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Korg Delta
Reference : 111785
The Korg Delta is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. It has a synthesizer section + a sting section. The polyphony is complete, the synthesizer and strings sounds are mixable. In The synthesizer section you can choose a low-pass or a bandpass filter. Synthesizer and strings envelopes are independently adjustable. A joystick allows some interesting modulation (on the filter or oscillator). The Korg Delta can be controlled externally with its two "trig" inputs, and with a filter control input. There is a general Audio output or separate Synth/String audio. The nice sounding bandpass filter is a good point for modern electronic music. The string sounds are classics but this is often what is asked for a string machine. Despite its apparent simplicity, the Korg Delta is actually a surprising synthesizer, after a few hours of use, you realize that it can produce a wide range of typical analog sounds and this with a full polyphony! The Korg Delta weight is low for a vintage synthesizer (about 10 kilos) and a robust construction that is not found anymore in current machines, make the Korg Delta a good choice as a first analog synth and/or as "live" synthesizer.

The Korg Delta for sale here is in good cosmetic condition for it's age and it has just been state of the art fully serviced in our workshop, so it is in perfect working order.

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France: 34,5 Euros
Europe(EU): 65 Euros
USA/Canada: 167 Euros
Australia and other country: 167 Euros
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