Moog Multimoog

Moog Multimoog
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Moog Multimoog
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The Multimoog is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the USA in 1977. The Multimoog is entirely analog, it has two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator, a filter with envelope adjustment, a modulation section ... Apart from the Moog Modular, the multiple modulation sources and destinations, its AUDIO, CV-Gate and S-TRIG outputs and inputs make the Multimoog the Vintage Moog which is the most open to the outside world. For example, you can control a Moog 911 or a Moog 921 module. The Multimoog is the perfect companion of your modular system (imagine controlling your modular Moog with the Multimoog aftertouch). The modulation richness available on the Multimoog makes it possible to evolve on sound territories that very little other Moog can reach. The MOOG advertisements of the time described the MultiMoog as a synthesizer with the MINIMOOG technical performance added to the MICROMOOG technical evolutions.
Two special features of the MultiMoog:
-the "Ribbon Controller" which replaces the usual "Pitch Wheel". To vary the pitch by sliding a finger on the ribbon.
-The "Keyboard AFTERTOUCH". By pressing more strongly the keys, this adds the effect of your choice to the dosage of your choice, among the possible modulations.
The MultiMoog is one of the rarest Moog synthesizers, manufactured to less than 1,000 copies where the MiniMoog has been manufactured to more than 12,000 units. The Multimoog has been and is used by artists such as: M83, Giorgio Moroder, Underworld, Chick Korea ...
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