Moog Prodigy Vintage analog synth

Moog Prodigy Vintage analog synth
Moog Prodigy Vintage analog synth
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The Moog Prodigy is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured in the United States in 1979. The Prodigy is famous for its thick musical bass, that is why it is used by many artists in electronic music. This is this synthesizer that inspired the name of the Dance music band ''the Prodigy'', and of course found on this Moog, typical sounds of several albums of ''The Prodigy''. The Moog Prodigy has two real analog oscillators (VCO), one LFO, the famous 24dB/octave Moog lowpass filter, two VCA which one dedicated to the filter, the Prodigy also offers the option whether to synchronize the two oscillators to obtain even more alive sounds. The strengths of the Moog Prodigy are: thick sound and easier design of sounds that sound fast and ''well'', from fat bass to screaming leads! The Moog Prodigy has been and is used by artists such as : The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Chemicals Brothers, Ratatat, Depeche Mode ...

The Moog Prodigy sell here is in good cosmetic condition, with just two or three small cigarette burns on the keys. The wood has been renovated so it is in very good condition. At the technical level that Moog Prodigy works perfectly! (Fully restored)

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