Oberheim DX

Oberheim DX
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Oberheim DX
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The Oberheim DX drum machine was manufactured in San Jose, USA in 1982. It offers 18 programmable drum sounds. 8 independent volume controls. Six separate outputs for studio use. Programming the Oberheim DX is very simple and the proposed functions allow a play as the best human drummers. You can easily creates a beat. As with the Linndrum drum machine, the sound dynamic is large, sounds have a great punch! It is wrote here and there that the DX is a lightweight version of the DMX, which is incorrect because the DMX certainly has more sounds (24 instead of 18), but the DX has a big advantage, it is more flexible because the drum sound can be pitch up or down using dedicated potentiometer for: BASS, SNARE, HI HAT, TOMS CYMBAL, PERC. So you can go from realistic sounds to more electronic sounds. The Oberheim DX was and is used by artists like Daft Punk (Da Funk and others ...), The Chemical Brothers, Madonna, Roni Size, Eurythmics ...

With just some scruffs here and there, mainly on the right of the "DX" logo, this Oberheim DX is in good cosmetic order for it's age. This Oberheim DX has been state of the art fully serviced in our workshop and is in perfect working order!

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