ROLAND TR-808 Analog Drum Machine

ROLAND TR-808 Analog Drum Machine
ROLAND TR-808 Analog Drum Machine
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Roland Tr 808 with MIDI/SYNC converter.

The TR-808 is an analog drum machine manufactured in Japan in 1982. It has a BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM, LOW CONGA, LOW TOM, MID CONGA, MID TOM, CONGA HI, HI TOM, RIM SHOT, MARACAS, HAND-CLAP, COW BELL, CYMBAL, OPEN HIHAT, CLS'D HIHAT. You can adjust the volume of each independently. You can also adjust the pitch of several elements. The DECAY may also be set for BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM, CYMBAL and OPEN HIHAT.
The sequencing of the TR-808 allows you to record up to 8 SONGS, and up to 64 PATTERNS.
The TR-808 is a true professional instrument, so it has separate outputs for each instrument.
The dynamic of the sounds is big, nothing to do with samples or virtual instruments.
Apart from these very ''concrete'' qualities, the TR-808 is a inspiring machine that allows quick creation of complex beats. The TR-808 has been very well designed, making it a great instrument that passes through the ages. This is clearly the drum machine of many styles of modern music: Hip Hop and electronic music...
The TR-808 has been and is used by artists like : MOB DEEP, DR DRE, LL COOL J, PUFF DADDY, APHEX TWIN, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, LFO, Squarepusher ...
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