Roland GR-700 & G-707 Guitar Synthesizer

Roland GR-700 & G-707 Guitar Synthesizer
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Roland GR-700 & G-707 Guitar Synthesizer
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Roland GR-700 For Sale

The Roland GR-700 analog synthesizer and the Roland G-707 Guitar were made in Japan in 1984. The GR-700 Synthesizer is a 6 voices polyphonic analog synthesizer with two oscillators per voice, an analog low-pass filter, an analog chorus... In fact, within the GR-700 is found the almost same electronic card as found in a Roland JX3P synthesizer (our JX3P descriptive page is here:
The Roland G-707 guitar is used to control the GR-700 synthesizer, you can specifically control the filter CUTOFF directly from one of five potentiometers below guitar strings. Directly from the guitar you can also adjust the LFO depth or edit any parameter using the EDIT knob. Roland add the black stabilizer you can see above the handle, in order to reduce the harmonics and stabilize the pitch from the note received by the sensor. We must not forget that when it is not connected to a synthesizer, the Roland R-707 guitar works as an electric "normal" guitar with a Jack audio output for connection to an amp. The guitar itself is a very well made guitar it is in the Superstrat categories, the guitar was manufactured by Fujigen Japan, one of the oldest manufacturer/custom guitar shop in Japan ( need to say that a guitar of this quality, bought new in 2016 would cost a small fortune. In 1985 the sale price of the G-707 guitar was $ 990 and the GR-700 synthesizer was $ 1995 what would represent € 6,000 for the lot in 2016, taking inflation into account.
For the artists opened to experimentation, it is important to indicate that the Roland GR-700 synthesizer has a MIDI OUT (no MIDI IN). So, with the Roland GR-700 + G-707 lot you can control all synthesizer with a MIDI input. We experimented with a Oberheim Matrix 12 connected to GR-700, what a power feeling!
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