Roland Jx-3P / jx3P

Roland Jx-3P / jx3P
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Roland Jx-3P / jx3P
Reference : 111795
The Roland JX-3P is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1983. Some technical features: 6 voices of Polyphony, 2 oscillators per channel, analog high-pass filter, analog low-pass filter, MIDI IN OUT THRU, 32 presets locations and 32 user locations, an integrated analog chorus, a small built-in sequencer ...
The Roland JX-3P is one of the most underrated Roland synthesizers. Why underrated? Because between the 1983 and 1985 the musical stores where displaying Jx3p alongside Juno(s), and Juno(s) have many controls on the front panel, where the Jx-3P has only a few. But the Roland Jx-3P is capable of delivering the Juno series sounds, sounds on the Jx-3P can even be more complex and rich because the Jx-3P has 2 oscillators per voices, where the Juno series have one.
For those who want a large variety of classic vintage analog sounds without having to program; The Roland JX-3P is a good choice as it has most of the classic Roland Vintage sounds in its presets sounds. Although one can easily edit sounds with the Jx-3P alone; It is also possible to add the Roland PG-200, a editing module with many adjustable settings.

With a few scruffs here and there, with some keys a bit discolored this Roland Jx-3P is good cosmetic order for it's age (Pictures are from the actual item). This Roland Jx-3p has been state of art fully serviced in our workshop, so it is in perfect working order.

Buy the lot: Roland Jx-3P synthesizer + PG-200 controller and you will get a 25 Euros discount and combined shipping fees.

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