Roland TR-707 Vintage Drum Machine

Roland TR-707 Vintage Drum Machine
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Roland TR-707 Vintage Drum Machine
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Roland Tr 707 for sale:

The Roland TR-707 is a drum machine manufactured in Japan in 1985. The TR707 is a must have for any modern music producer who wants a drum machine that sounds fast and well. The sequencer which facilitated the operation is a ''non-stop'' source of inspiration. Separate outputs for integration into professional studio or into a professional live set-up. The TR-707 includes some samples very close from those present in the Roland TR-909. The dynamics of the sounds is high, we are far awai from the flat sounding plug-in or even the Roland Aira. The effects, for ''humanizing'' the rhythms are quite effective. Each sound has its own volume control, ACCENT is also adjustable by its own fader.
The TR-707 is clearly an electronic music oriented drum machine, it has been and is used by artists such as Plaid, Aphex Twin, Clark, Squarepusher, Venetian Snare, Laurent Garnier, Les Rythmes digitales, Daft Punk, Mr Oiso, LFO ...

Apart the "RHYTHM COMPOSER" logo aera faded, this Roland Tr-707 is in good cosmetic for it's age. This Roland Tr-707 has been state of the art restored in our workshop and is in perfect working order. Comes with the official Roland/Boss power supply. Sold with a 1 month warranty.

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