SAA1004N Replacement SAA1004

SAA1004N Replacement SAA1004
SAA1004N Replacement SAA1004
Reference : 311540
Vintage Synthesizer parts :

The part for sale here is one SAA1004N replacement , a rare "7 Stage Frequency Divider" integrated circuit that you can find in vintage synthesizers, vintage string machines and organs like: Logan String Melody, Roland E-20, Solina String Ensemble, CRUMAR Roadrunner...
CONDITION : New old Stock tested and is in perfect working order. This is the Russian SAA1004N, it is not marked SAA1004 on it but it is exactly the same part, Pin to pin compatible, with exactly the same specifications, without any sonic differences.

Shipping to:
France: 2,50 Euros
Europe (E.U): 3 Euros
USA/Canada: 3,90 Euros
Other countries: 3,90 Euros
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