Siel Cruise

Siel Cruise
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Siel Cruise
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The Siel Cruise is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured in Italy in 1981. The Siel cruise is a combination of two synthesizers in one: A monophonic analog synthesizer (identical to the Siel Mono) + a polyphonic analog String machine/synthesizer (identical to the Siel Orchestra and the ARP Quartet). Each part has presets and independent settings. For example, the Mono portion offers a choice between ten presets or a "Free" mode with which most its parameters being editable in a conventional way: (filter setting, envelope settings ...). The Poly part is a "String Machine" that include all the classic "orchestra" sounds and a actionable CHORUS available on some presets from the Poly Part.
Some functions: VIBRATO, VCF Cutoff and Resonance for Mono filter, brass CUTOFF and RESONANCE for the Poly Part; ADSR envelope for the Mono Part; Brass ATTACK, String ATTACK and DECAY; A Portamento; A CHORUS called here: "ANIMATOR" ...
For the one who knows analog synthesizers, the Siel Cruise operation may seem a little strange at first, but in a few minutes/hours you will realize that this original architecture allows many experiments and uncommon sounds.
In our opinion the Siel Cruise is a greatly underestimated synthesizer: the Mono part sounds thick, rich. The Poly string part is a very efficient String machine. The Siel Cruise sound and architecture are reminiscent of the Moog Opus 3 in many aspects.(Make your own opinion comparing both instruments in our youtube demos).
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