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Yamaha DX7 DX Max 1. The Yamaha DX7 is a digital synthesizer made in Japan in 1983. It uses a original synthesis,the FM synthesis. FM synthesis takes a little time to adapt to program your sounds, but when you've mastered how to program it, you can create very original sounds that no other analog synth can produce. If you want to make a Idde how can ''sounds'' the Yamaha DX-7, listen to the latest album of LFO (warp records), there's a lot of DX7 inside, but attention LFO knows extremely well how to program a DX-7. Some characteristics of the DX 7: 6 envelope generators, LFOs, 6 channel FM oscillator, 16 voice polyphony ...
The DX-7 has been and is used by artists like Stevie Wonder, Depeche Mode, Vangelis, LFO, Jean Michel Jarre, the Beastie Boys ...

This Yamaha DX7 is equipped with a rare DX Max card, this electronic card located inside the DX7(see picture) can increase the memory up to 256 memory locations, the DX Max also allows to stack up to 4 oscillators to thicken the sound, and Detune independently the oscillators to get a more alive sound as a analog.
The Yamaha DX-7 for sale here is in very good cosmetic and in perfect working order (fully revised ).

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