Yamaha QY700 Sequencer

Yamaha QY700 Sequencer
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Yamaha QY700 Sequencer
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Yamaha QY700 For Sale:

The Yamaha QY700 is a sequencer made in Japan in 1996. It is one of the most complete MIDI sequencers that exists (it's our favorite sequencer). It offers up to 32 simultaneous tracks, up to 480 beats per quarter note resolution. It can record up to 110,000 MIDI events. It has two MIDI inputs and two MIDI outputs; a pitch bend; A modulation wheel and an foot switch input to connect a control pedal. The MIDI events recording is done in three modes: Real time, Punch mode or STEP mode (stepwise editing on a time grid). Apart from being a complete MIDI sequencer the QY700 also offers internal sounds as well as built-in effects. A song can be fully composed with the Yamaha QY700. The edition is very legible on a large LCD screen.
As stated above the Yamaha QY700 is our favorite physical sequencer. If you think you are taking the step from a software sequencer to the Yamaha QY700, it will take you a few hours to learn the operation of the machine, then the operation is very simple, very intuitive and will enrich your creativity. Example of Yamaha QY700 to replace a software sequencer: The Yamaha QY700 simultaneously controls two drum machines for the rhythms (a tr-707 and a Midfield Linndrum for example, six synthesizers (a Six-Trak for pads, 3 Moog Voyager for lead sounds, a MIDI Polysix for arpeggios, a Moog Minitaur for bass sounds), a multitimbral sampler to replace the audio from a software sequencer (for example an akai S3000 with separate outputs) , two effects (for example a Mutronics Mutator filter to filter the samples or the complete mix, a reverb to put on some sounds ...) all this synchronized and editable in direct time. The Yamaha QY700 is great tool for the LIVE but also in the studio.

The Yamaha QY700 for sale here is in good cosmetic order ( check pictures they are from the actual QY700 for sale ). This Yamaha QY700 has been state of the art serviced in our workshop, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a one month warranty included.

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