Yamaha RM1X Sequencer/Synthesizer

Yamaha RM1X Sequencer/Synthesizer
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Yamaha RM1X Sequencer/Synthesizer
Reference : 900990
The Yamaha RM1x is a Sequencer/Groovebox made in Japan in 1999. This is primarily a Groovebox with preset sounds, songs and patterns that you can fully remix. All the needed controls are here to perform a " live act " : CUTOFF, RESONANCE, REVERB, CHORUS... But the great thing about the Yamaha RM1X is that you are not confined to the remix, because you can create your own sounds and compositions. The Yamaha RM- 1x is a powerful MIDI tool. In MIDI, all the information that made your songs can be transmitted to other machines! Then, replace the internal sounds of the rm1x by synths or drum machine controled by the Rm1x. Note that the Yamaha RM1x sequencer is the same as the Yamaha QY700 sequencer, THE reference, used by the best electronic music producers. Besides, if you take the time to tame the machine, you won't need your computer anymore to sequence your songs, the computer will be usefull only to record. If you are a professional musician in electronic music, transposing your album to a "Live act" can sometimes become complicated and the "live act" sound is often too different from the recorded album. You won't have this problem with a Yamaha rm1x as you design your song sequences and your "live act" , all in one machine. In fact, we could say that a RM1x connected to some hardware sampler/ synthesizer/Drum machine... Is a great alternative to ABLETON LIVE software.

The Yamaha Rm1x for sale here is in good cosmetic with only a few scruffs here and there. This Yamaha RM1X has been state of the art fully serviced and restored in our workshop, it is in perfect working order. Sold with a 1 month warranty.

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