Yamaha SPX50D Sound Processor

Yamaha SPX50D Sound Processor
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Yamaha SPX50D Sound Processor
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Yamaha SPX50D for sale:

The Yamaha SPX50D is a digital multi-effect made in Japan in 1988. This multi-effect offers REVERBs, DELAYs, CHORUS, PITCH MODIFIER, DISTORSIONs. The Yamaha SPX50D offers 50 presets and 50 user slots. The Yamaha SPX50D is a high quality effect that colors the sound. Its REVERBS are derivatives of the famous Yamaha REV7. You can hear the SPX50D in many productions from the late 80's. The Yamaha SPX50D is at 95% exactly the same machine as an SPX90 with the addition of DISTORSION presets. (Both machines share the Yamaha YM3804 DSP, the Yamaha YM3807 modulations generator, the same digital / analog converters). When you know that the Yamaha SPX90 is one of the best musical multi-effects ever produced, which is found in the racks of the biggest studios, we strongly advise the acquisition of a Yamaha SPX50D before many people are aware and that the prices fly away. The retail price of the Yamaha SPX50D in 1988 was 7000 French Francs (about 1100 €, a value of about 1750 € in 2018).

With a few racking marks and the racking hole a bit bent this Yamaha SPX50D is in correct cosmetic order for it's age. This Yamaha SPX50D has been "state of the art" fully serviced in our workshop, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.

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