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The DS-8 is a digital synthesizer made in Japan in 1987. The Korg DS-8 has 8 voice of polyphony, 4 oscillators per voice, and 8-parts multitimbrality. In it's time the Korg DS-8 was in direct competition with the Yamaha DX that preceded it. The Korg DS-8 has two main advantages that are lacking in the DX7: direct control on different parameters and a clear control panels taking back the analog synthesizers nomenclature (oscillators-> Filter -> Envelope). Unlike a DX7, the Korg DS-8 allows you to create sounds in a much more simply way, these sounds can be modified in real time. It's advantages make the Korg DS-8 one of the best choices for all musicians in electronic music in search for typical vintage digital sounds. Some functions examples of the Korg DS-8: A dedicated control only for the TIMBRE (a kind of High pass filter), a dedicated control for EG1 (envelope for oscillator 1), a dedicated control only for EG2 (envelope for oscillator 2), a joystick control, an assignable control that can be set to any parameter constituting a sound, an LFO, 4 DCA (digital VCA) including 2 DCA dedicated to filters, a built-in digital multi effect (DELAY, CHORUS, FLANGER ...), a POTAMENTO... The Korg DS-8 is particularly effective in achieving PADS and GLITCH sounds.
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