Akai MPC-60 Up to Date Os

Akai MPC-60 Up to Date Os
Akai MPC-60 Up to Date Os
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The part to sell here is the up-to-date operating software for the Akai MPC-60 and Akai MPC-60 II vintage Sampler/sequencer. This is the 3.10 software programmed by Roger Linn. To resume, it brings some of the Akai MPC-3000 software features to the Akai MPC-60. Some of the new features are: Improved and more intuitive screen displays; Simplified interfacing with external MIDI gear; Sound Compression doubles sound memory; The HIHAT decay Slider now can be assigned to any pad affect tuning, decay or attack in real time; Now Reads All MPC3000 Files...
When you buy this item you will receive 4 X Eprom that contains the Operating Software to replace the four eproms you will find in the Akai MPC 60.
CONDITION : New. Tested in a Akai MPC 60.

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Classic CMOS and TTL chip
Classic CMOS and TTL chip
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