Cheetah MS6

Cheetah MS6
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Cheetah MS6
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Cheetah MS6 For Sale:

The Cheetah MS6 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in the United Kingdom in 1988. The Cheetah MS6 electronic architecture is very close to the Oberheim Matrix 1000. The Cheetah MS6 offers 6 fully analog channels, with two oscillators per channel. The sound is rich and thick, so the Cheetah MS6 is particularly good for producing thick, dark bass, nice synthetic brass and violins sounds. In fact, the Cheetah MS6 offers the typical "Oberheim" sound. In addition to resembling the Oberheim Matrix 1000 the Cheetah MS6 is 6-way multitimbral, that means 6 independent synthesizers each assignable to a different MIDI channel. Here at Vintagesynthshop we consider the Cheetah MS6 as a secret weapon for recording studio, the sound is rich, thick and there are many modulation possibilities.
In the version here on sale we have integrated the MAD V1.3 firmware update. It is a software update created by Christofer Maad. This software update is very important because it provides the ability to modify sounds in real time with the help of an external MIDI controller (physical or software). In addition to this great improvement, the update brings: New waveforms for oscillators; MONO and POLY mode; A PORTAMENTO MIDI ...

The Cheetah MS6 for sale here is in good cosmetic for it's age ( refer to pictures, they are from the actual Cheetah MS6 for sale ). The Cheetah MS6 for sale here has been state of the art fully serviced in our workshop, it is sold including a one month warranty. We have also modified the original electrical design that is know to be faulty on certain application. Then, no electrical problem with this one.

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