VT-1 Vintage Voice transformer

VT-1 Vintage Voice transformer
VT-1 Vintage Voice transformer
Reference : 500985
Boss Vt 1 for sale:

The BOSS VT-1 is a Vintage Voice Transformer. It can be used to adjust the pitch or even the gender of a person's voice and still sound natural. And with it function ''robot'' the BOSS VT-1 act like a small vocoder . But ,you can be creative and feed loops and sounds through the VT-1 and transform away . For those who knows the band : ''The Knife'' they've used the BOSS VT-1 on vocals in all the tracks of their fantastic album : ''Silent Shout'' .

The Boss Vt-1 for sale here is in good cosmetic order for it's age and this Boss Vt-1 has been fully serviced in our workshop and it is in perfect working order. Sold with a 1 month warranty.

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