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Korg Polysix

Korg Polysix
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Korg Polysix
Reference : 111902
The Korg Polysix is a polyphonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1981. The Polysix has 6 entirely analog channels, with one VCO (voltage controlled oscillator)and one sub-oscillator per voice. Some other features : Two envelopes, with one for the filter. 32 memory locations for storing your own sounds. Three built in analog effects: a CHORUS, a ENSEMBLE effect, a PHASER effect. A ARPEGGIATOR, 61 keys keyboard. Plug a TRIG from a drum machine to synchronize the ARPEGGIATOR clock ... The Polysix was a success at the time of its release, because it was one of the first polyphonic analog synth with a price making it accessible to amateur musician. The Korg Polysix is a versatile and thick synthesizer, thanks to its real VCO . The Polysix can be turned into a Mono synth by pressing a single button, this stack the 6 voices for an even thicker sound! If you wants to get only one vintage analog synth that cover a wide range of sounds, the Polysix could be the one you are looking for. The Polysix was and is used by artists like: Matthew Dear , Massive Attack, Gorillaz , Jean Michel Jarre, Chemical Brothers ...
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