Lexicon MPX 1 Multi FX Processor

Lexicon MPX 1 Multi FX Processor
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Lexicon MPX 1 Multi FX Processor
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Lexicon MPX 1 For Sale:

The Lexicon MPX1 is a digital multi-effects manufactured by Lexicon in 1996. The MPX 1 offers 57 effects types spread over 200 presets. The main effects of the Lexicon MPX 1 are REVERBS, DELAY, MODULATION, EQ, PITCH MODIFIERS, CHORUS. Several effects can be used at the same time. The presets contained in the Lexicon MPX1 are for the most part presets derived from the old Lexicon effects. Some presets are very very close to the great Lexicon classics effects : "480PrimeFlng" a recreation of the Lexicon 480L Prime Flange Program. "PCM 60 Room" a classic effect from the Lexicon PCM 60 ... The Lexicon MPX 1 was the high end of the MPX series. The MPX Series is itself a range above the MX range. In 1996 when the MPX 1 was new, the retail price was about 7000 French Francs (1200 € approx). Several REVERBs of the Lexicon MPX1 are close to the Lexicon PCM80 REVERBs. The Lexicon MPX 1 is very good quality multi-effect, robust. And because of its wide variety of effects and their great quality, the MPX1 will be your synths and drum machine ideal companion.

The Lexicon MPX 1 for sale here is good cosmetic order with only a few racking marks. This Lexicon MPX1 has been inernally fully checked and fully tested, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.

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