Dave Smith Instruments Evolver DSI

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver DSI
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Dave Smith Instruments Evolver DSI
Reference : 111480

The Dave Smith Instruments Evolver is an hybrid (analog and digital) synthesizer manufactured in the US in 2002. The Evolver is monophonic and offers 4 oscillators: 2 analog oscillators and 2 Wavetable oscillators (technology based on digitized waveforms). The DSI Evolver has a true stereo output that allows you to program differently the left or the right channel, this produces interesting effects. Some other features: 4 LFO, 2 analog filters, 2 VCA with ADSR envelope generator, built-in 16X4 sequencer, built-in digital effects, MIDI IN OUT THRU, memory to store up to 512 sounds ...
By listening to presets or by intensively scheduling sounds, we sometimes get closer to some vintage synthesizers sounds like on the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS or even Prophet V (the dynamics is however smaller on the Evolver). The sound quality is there and you can create a great variety of sounds.
But when you want to programm the Evolver, it is a bit complex to edit, the functions Placement is not necessarily ideal, so this Evolver is not for a beginner who wants to create its sounds. On the other hand if the beginner just want a preset machine, the Evolver will be perfect! For an experienced user who wants a large sound pallet without breaking the piggy bank, the EVOLVER is also advisable (attention nevertheless to big hands, DSI Evolver is very small (27cm X 15cm).
The DSI Evolver has been and is used by artists like: DAEDELUS, KID 606, VITALIC, Etienne de Crécy ...

Apart a few scruffs here and there and a small ding on the lef side of the panel this DSI Evolver is in good cosmetic.(Check pictures they are from the actual Evolver for sale). This DSI Evolver has been fully tested and internally checked, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.

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