Elektron Sidstation

Elektron Sidstation
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Elektron Sidstation
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The Sidstation is a hybrid digital/analog synthesizer made in Sweden by Elektron in 1999. The heart of the Sidstation is the integrated circuit/processor that handled the sound of the Commodore 64, the best selling consumer computer of the 80s, a important machine in the video games history. The sound of the Commodore was perfectly recognizable, the sound of the Sidstation is just as much. Elektron has added real-time controllers, redesigned the sound edition and creation, added a superb analog filter ... 3 oscillators in MONO mode or an oscillator per channel in POLY mode (3 channels of polyphony in this mode ). Several classical waveforms but also a WAVEFORM TABLE (as on a Waldorf Wave). It's by creating sounds based on WAVEFORM TABLE that you will create 80s video game sounds. The Sidstation also has 4 independent LFOs, a RING MODULATOR, a multi-mode filter, MIDI IN OUT, an audio input to filter your external sources. All sound editing is done using a alpha-numeric keyboard, 5 controllers and a LCD screen. If you want to create 80/90' video game sounds, the Sidstation is for you. But it is interesting to know that apart from the video games sounds, the Sidstation is a very powerful hybrid synthesizer, able to deliver beautiful bass and pads. If you want, the Sidstation can also sounds "dirty" "aggressive" and powerful.

Apart a few ding here an there, this Elektron Sidstation is in good cosmetic order. This Elektron Sidstation has been state of the art serviced in our workshop, it is in perfect working order and is sold with a one month warranty.

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