Yamaha Fs1r

Yamaha Fs1r
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Yamaha Fs1r
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The Yamaha FS1R is a polyphonic digital synthesizer made in Japan in 1998. The FS1R combines and mixes two different synthesis technologies: FM synthesis and "Formant Shaping" synthesis. The FM synthesis is the sound base of the Yamaha DX7, this synthesis is here brought to its summum with 8 operators (oscillators) and many editable parameters: 88 Different algorithms of operators (oscillators) arrangement , filters settings, envelopes, Effects, modulations; The four front potentiometers allow you to change the sound directly.
The "Formant shaping" synthesis is a synthesis in order to create human voices, in particular syllables that are usually difficult to create with classical oscillators ... The addition of the top of the "FM" synthesis and the "Formant shaping" synthesis allow the Creation of unique sounds, impossible to realize with other synthesizers.
The Yamaha FS1R is therefore a very interesting synth for the sound designer or the musician in search of different sounds.
The Yamaha FS1R also offers a wide range of presets, ranging from Yamaha DX7 sounds to classical instrument sounds, to synthetic sounds and electric keyboards . The Yamaha FS1R is and has been used by artists such as: Squarepusher, Enigma, Armin Van Buuren.

Apart a few racking marks this Yamaha FS1R is good cosmetic order (pictures are from the actual Yamaha FS1R for sale). This Yamaha FS1R has been fully serviced then it is in perfect working order and is sold with a 1 month warranty.

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